why not just watch Please Like Me on ABC iView if you want to watch it as a stream..? It's better if you use iView because then it actually counts towards views for the show and it's more likely to be picked up for another season. (Unless of course you're not in Australia, in which case there's no other way, so by all means, watch it elsewhere~)

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Australia! TOMORROW night on new #PleaseLikeMe… Geoffrey’s back.


Australia! TOMORROW night on new #PleaseLikeMe… Geoffrey’s back.

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sooooooo, according to imdb geoffrey (or wade briggs, whatever) is only in one episode of s2 (the next one btw, if anyone's interested)


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Do you know who Patrick is in season two? I don't know, but he seems really cool, I'm so excited!

the actor is charles cottier! 

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Do you know how many episodes of season 2 Wade Briggs will be in?

this is the extent of my knowledge about wade’s involvement 

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Please Like Me S02E01 Links


(wait for the grey x to appear, click that, cancel out of pop up ads, play)


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Please Like Me Cast on Mental Health 0:60

Wade Briggs is in season 2 right?


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Hai :) do you know of anywhere I can watch the newest episode/season of PLM??? I am really excited. thanks xx

no one has posted a stream yet, i will post the link as soon as they do

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