Australia! TOMORROW night on new #PleaseLikeMe… Geoffrey’s back.


Australia! TOMORROW night on new #PleaseLikeMe… Geoffrey’s back.

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sooooooo, according to imdb geoffrey (or wade briggs, whatever) is only in one episode of s2 (the next one btw, if anyone's interested)


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Do you know who Patrick is in season two? I don't know, but he seems really cool, I'm so excited!

the actor is charles cottier! 

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Do you know how many episodes of season 2 Wade Briggs will be in?

this is the extent of my knowledge about wade’s involvement 

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Please Like Me S02E01 Links


(wait for the grey x to appear, click that, cancel out of pop up ads, play)


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Please Like Me Cast on Mental Health 0:60

Wade Briggs is in season 2 right?


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Hai :) do you know of anywhere I can watch the newest episode/season of PLM??? I am really excited. thanks xx

no one has posted a stream yet, i will post the link as soon as they do

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Will you be posting links to new episodes?

yes, as soon as they become available 

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Do you think Geoffrey is weird? I started watching Please Like Me and I just found his behaviour really odd, saying he loved Josh after knowing him for like 2 days?

yeah, he’s supposed to be an overly dramatic, funny character

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